Perfect Plan

American Airlines Flight# 2441, Thursday, June 25th

Departs at 6:20am from ORD

Arrives at 9:18am at ATL


Why not start my travels with a 6am flight? I can sleep on the plane and stay up all Wednesday night!

Heading to bed for a little nap around 1:30am, I set my alarm for 3:30am and slowly count my plan’s successful milestones. I had played beach volleyball in early evening. I then finished the last of my fridge food and prepped for a night out with friends. Charmed by free drinks called “Horninitos” at the Ravenswood Billboard Factory, I caught up with old friends and admired the odd, eccletic stage acts. After a modest night out, I headed home and assembled clothes for my trip to Atlanta.

I open my eyes and immediately feel the muggy summer heat and the stale aftertaste of tequila. Strangely refreshed, I look at my cell phone clock and note that it’s 6:18am. My speedy morning brain calculates that I have 2 minutes to catch my flight. Several seconds later I realize that this may not be feasible.


New plan:

American Airlines Flight# 1359, Thursday, June 25th

Departs at 12:00pm from ORD

Arrives at 2:59pm at ATL


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  1. Jim Said:

    Party too much that need change the flight. That is the case.

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