Chicago doesn’t have these…

Grandfather Mtn, Linville, NC

Grandfather Mtn, Linville, NC


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Wow, Jamie!
    This trip takes in all the senses, except nonsense. Wouldn’t I love to be there too?? What a scintillating menu. I can’t wail till you come and share the experience!
    Our log-style home looks like a resort next to the “loom cabin”.Although I do feel “loon cabin” would have had so much more character! I loved the look of the cabin with the chinking. I can only imagine what it must have felt like to languish in the old tub and read.You must have felt like you were either abducted by some remote West Virginia rednecks or transformed back in time. Without the modern amenities, can you imagine the energy it took to survive? We are such a society of spoiled glutinous carnivores.
    Chubby-bunny is quite adorable. I wonder if he/she would have liked our outdoor rabbit house with Dave’s homemade outhouse?
    I will run by the choices of meals with Glenn and see which we would like to devour for Friday. We will need the recipe to make sure we have all the fresh ingredients ahead of time.
    That was very kind of the host family to offer you a free extended stay…they must have really enjoyed your company. Would you go back again to the farm or would you like to investigate another opportunity?
    Love and hugs,
    M & G

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