Oye, good food.

Lesson number 2 was just as enjoyable and informative. There are no complex cooking techniques here, just simple, fresh ingredients cooked to elevate their inherent tastiness. We pulled herbs, thyme and rosemary, from the garden after feeding the rabbits celery and the horse and donkey apples. The personalities of these animals are cracking me up. My fav rabbit who I’ve affectionately named Koala falls asleep 2 seconds after you start to pet its head.

Back to the food: The bases of the recipes are very similar, starting with butter and olive oil, garlic and shallots. Herbs, vegetables, broths/wines, are added in layers over time to create a well-balanced and blended finish. The success of these dishes lies in the fresh ingredients and careful rationing of flavors during the cooking process. The asparagus soup is one example of infusing each layer perfectly. The broth is made from water and the throw away, bottom stems of asparagus. The middle parts of the asparagus are flavored along with the potatoes and onions in the beginning stages, and the asparagus tips are placed in after the blending process so you have crispy, semi-raw heads floating in your soup. Bravo asparagus!

On an aside, It is obvious that I will need to buy some kitchen staples when I return; blender, coffee grinder for spices, heavy cream, cooking wines, fresh herbs.


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