Green Zebra (Chicago vegetarian)

Warning: be careful in your course selections as dishes may vary in taste. Unfortunately, the chef selections are not the best items on the menu so pick whatever ingredients look the most tasty and leave the rest to chance. No matter what you choose, the quality and execution will be perfect but the flavor of the dishes range greatly. If they have a token fish dish on the menu, order it!

Dinner menu:
Thai Spiced Sweet Potato-Coconut Soup, crispy rice noodles – clean and seasoned well but lacked dynamic textures, the noodles needed to be more crispy.

Maine Sea Scallops, braised wild mushrooms, yukon potatoes, pomegranate – Two large, perfectly seared scallops with simple seasoning and a delicious mushroom salad with crispy onions and potatoes. I LOVED THIS DISH and could have eaten five of them.

Fresh Burrata Cheese, satsuma tangerines, salted cucumbers, pumpernickel – Perfect combination of well-seasoned and fresh ingredients on a beautifully arranged plate.

Chef’s selection of desserts – I hope the chef did not select my four dessert samples because they were not special. Save yourself some sugar calories and eat another savory dish instead.


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