Miso Soup is easy and delicious!

Inspired by a 15 min Alton Brown demo, I decided to venture into a Japanese classic, miso soup. This was a safe introduction to ingredients that I’ve never cooked with or food packages I could not decipher. Enjoy!

Dashi stock for miso soup:
-Kombu sea vegetable, cut two 4″ pieces (I had to use wakame instead because Kombu was not stocked)
-Bonito flakes, handful (dried and aged mackerel slices)

Add Kombu to 2.5 quarts hot (not boiling) water and cook for 30 minutes. Remove kombu from broth and throw it out. Add handful of bonito flakes (1/2 C) and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove bonito flakes and the remaining broth is now dashi!

Alton’s simple recipe can be found at the link below. I added shitake mushroom and somen noodles which turned out to be yummy!




  1. hodoh Said:

    Love Alton Brown though sometimes he comes across pretty stiff and sooo detailed it makes me nuts!
    I made his BBQ ribs last weekend. Many steps in the preparation but worth it. Made a few changes with the sauce(can’t seem to follow any recipe step by step). He has a fried chicken recipe that is by far the best we have ever eaten. Really. Again, lots of prep,messy, but in the end, YUMMY! SCD

  2. hodoh Said:

    Here’s the link to Altons Fried Chicken. I had to laugh. There really isn’t much to it. I think frying it and making such a mess on the stove made me think it was more difficult than it really was. 🙂
    Soaking the chicken in the buttermilk is key.

  3. jamieott Said:

    Thanks for the fried chicken recipe! Haha, yes, a mess definitely makes me feel like I’ve accomplished great culinary feats!

    I watched Alton prep, steam, refrigerate, then baked chicken wings on his show the other day….who has 5 hours to make chicken wings!

  4. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Hey Jamie and SD!
    Thanks for the inspiration! I going to make roasted chicken for dinner tonight and try a new recipe. The chicken is organic and tasty, the chef is just so-so! 🙂

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