Nightwood (Food gone wrong)

Note: I ate here in September 2009 and the food may have improved since then.

Nightwood is forgettable. Its prices are way too high for the amount of taste they serve. The watermelon salad appetizer was a familiar, trendy dish in restaurant world. It had corn, bacon and onion alongside of huge, one-inch watermelon chunks. The lack of balance with proportions made the salad into a mixture instead of a homogeneous blend.

I had a pork chop for dinner which was slightly over cooked and chewy. Its sauce and accompanying salad left much to be desired.

When I find a place who is overcharging for the quality of food they serve, I take off major points.



  1. line cook Said:

    nightwood has not had corn or watermelon since last year. the pork is not served with sauce, and even as the menu changes everyday, has never accompanied pork with a salad. before you review a restaurant be sure you know what you ate, not just guess and slander.

    • jamieott Said:

      You are correct, it has been at least 8 months since I ate at Nightwood and there is a reason I haven’t returned. If you guys have lowered your prices and improved the menu, then I look forward to coming back.

      • line cook Said:

        don’t. you like chipotle. eat there, and quit reviewing good restaurants poorly.

  2. anne Said:

    my interest was peaked when i saw this little “back and forth” on yelp today, so i found my way to your blog to get the full story, but i’m afraid i can’t see the whole thing. i don’t see the part where “line cook” mentions chipotle, or the part where he is being unprofessional…actually, it seems like he is giving some good advice. if you haven’t eaten at this restaurant in 8 months what right do you have to critique it? furthermore, by posting it on your blog and yelp, you are opening yourself up for public criticisms…in other words, you are no longer a customer, you are a critic…and not a very good one. i have been to nightwood, and i like it very much. in fact, as far as food “quality” goes, the raw product that they use are of the highest…and i think the prices they charge for them are fair, and the portions are generous.
    but, if there are parts to this stream that i am missing (chipotle, unprofessional), please fill me in because it sounds juicy 🙂

    • jamieott Said:

      Anne, Thanks for your comments. I write my reviews as if friends have just asked me for my opinion about a particular restaurant. If they asked me for my opinion, I wouldn’t with hold it just because it’s been several months since I last ate there. It’s enough and fair to reference when I did eat there.

      I didn’t approve (publish) the linecook’s last ‘chipotle’ comment because I didn’t want that on my blog. I felt harassed by the comment and wanted to let the cook’s behavior be known which is why I put it on yelp.


  3. jamieott Said:

    The comment removed by Yelp HQ:

    Removed Review: I understand that the timeliness of a review matters, which is why I added my note of eating in September 2009, but the linecook ( at Nightwood just commented on my blog “don’t. you like chipotle. eat there, and quit reviewing good restaurants poorly.” Um, I appreciate that you are passionate about your food, but it is unprofessional (ugly) to berate your customers for sharing their honest opinions.

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