Takashi (Japanese French heaven)

If Yelp allowed 4.5 ratings, I would give it to Takashi. Unassuming and intimate, the environment set the stage for a beautiful display of originality, execution and quality ingredients. I was so impressed by the thorough, dish-by-dish explanations by the service staff.

For dinner:
Hamachi sashimi with napa cabbage, pickled cauliflower, garlic – Perfect combination of the freshest fish artfully supported by acidity and spice of a Kimchi pickling sauce.

Chilled Fresh Homemade Tofu (Oba Leaves, Green Onion, Bonito Flakes, Wakame, Umami-Ginger Soy) – The is a must order.

Chicken in Clay Pot (Amish Chicken, Shimeji Mushrooms, Eggplant, Haricot Vert, Yuzu Juice) – Each component of this dish, chicken, eggplant, shimeji mushroom, and green beans, were distinct and skillfully seasoned. The chicken had a subtle orange flavor (yuzu) and was ‘fall-off-the-bone” tender.

Seared Main Skate Wing (Medley of Japanese Mushrooms, Risotto of Cauliflower) – While tasty in its parts, the combination of cauliflower risotto with a fairly greasy fish created a slight dish imbalance.

Do not forget dessert in your dining experience! Delicious. Chef Takashi Yagihashi is one of my new favorite chefs. Thank you!


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