Sepia (American fresh and fancy)

As is mandatory for any good restaurant, the ingredients were of the highest quality, seasonal and fresh. Honoring the hard work of the farmers, Sepia elevates those ingredients to a level which requires great skill, thought and creativity. Overall, the food, service, and ambiance were delicious.

For dinner, to start:
watercress soup, crispy frog’s legs, creme fraiche – the french style soup was seasoned well and happily bright green. the frog/chicken? stock in the soup provided an intense poultry flavor which matched the deep-fried frog legs well. (yes, chewier chicken taste)

english pea and marscapone ravoli, pea shoots, thyme butter – Always love homemade pasta and the green filling shouted fresh peas. I think I ate the dish too slowly because the butter solidified a bit and left the remaining ravioli’s craving a little more liquid.

stinging nettle dumplings, mushroom-black garlic puree, bulgar wheat – I learned that evening that stinging nettle is a nutritious herb. The fresh flavors of the dish were very enjoyable but lacked liquid. (I did have plenty of water so I wasn’t particularly thirsty) The dumplings, while tasty, appeared to be made with a bean paste of sorts rather than a dough filling. Between the dumpling paste and mushroom-garlic puree (paste), it was a little dry.

Finally, and perhaps the highlight of the night, dessert:
strawberries and ricotta with basil, black-pepper ice cream and balsamic vinegar – I could have eaten 5 of these….so incredible.


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