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Natural course for purple cauliflower

Coconut cauliflower soup with Thai green curry paneer and veggie stew over rice, sprinkled with soy nuts


FMIOTW: Purple Cauliflower

It tastes the same as white cauliflower but it sure is pretty 🙂

Osaka Express (loop sushi!)

For loop lunchers, this express sushi spot is the best I’ve found thus far. Their online ordering made pick-up quick and easy. My order consisted of a spicy scallop roll, 4 pieces of hamachi sashimi, and edamame. ($15) Everything was tasty and well packaged.

Oh fennel, oh fennel

I really want to like fennel, but I don’t. I bought fennel at the farmers’ market and I couldn’t get it down. I write this off to a dislike of black licorice, fennel, anise seed flavor… sad.

Seasoned with Love

My friends laugh at how seriously I take my seasoning. They note that I put a pile of kosher salt in my left palm, lean to about 5″ from whatever I’m seasoning, and visually monitor the equal distribution of salt across my food.

If you want a quick, easy way to elevate your cooking, watch how and what you season and taste everything along the way.

Summer salad

Thanks to my local farmers’ market at Melrose/Broadway, I am equipped with a medley of veggies to make a colorful summer salad.

Summer salad
-corn on the cob (cut off kernels after cooking)
-baby heirloom tomatoes (never refrigerate your tomatoes!)
-anaheim pepper (not spicy)
-fresh parsley

simple dressing
-olive oil
-fresh lime juice (not from those little green bottles)

Are fava beans worth the double shelling?


Farmers’ Market Item of the Week 🙂

FMIOTW: Kohlrabi

Sometimes called a ‘German turnip’, this veggie is best raw. The bottom bulb tastes like broccoli stems but its texture is softer, like an apple. I sliced it thinly and tossed it in a salad with a lemon dill dressing.

The greens of kohlrabi are good! They have a slight broccoli flavor with the texture of kale.

FMIOTW runner-up: Black turtle beans

Yum! Freshly picked black beans are awesome! Here’s an easy rice and bean dish:

Black beans and greens
-black beans
-Kohlrabi greens
-white onion
-freshly ground, toasted cumin
-cayenne pepper
-fresh cilantro
-fresh oregano

Load all these things in a pressure cooker and let it simmer for 30 minutes. (beans require a pressure cooker!!)

Make white rice and a sunny-side up egg, First rice, then beans, then the egg on top. Yum!

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