Perennial (fresh and seasoned, finally!)

Perennial and I are a food match; we like fresh ingredients, seasoned perfectly. Strange as it seems, I was blown away by how appropriately the salad greens were seasoned. Thank you! I will be returning to Perennial for dinner as their courses look very creative and the waiter, Josh, boasted of the chef’s ingenuity.

Truffle eggs benedict – While the mushrooms and spinach were cooked skillfully, the combination of rich, umami flavor left me craving a little acid. As I mentioned above, I could have eaten the salad greens all day. And, truffle oil does nothing for me.

Last note: beware of the $4.50 charge for tea. I have never paid so much for tea in my life.


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Ahhh yes, the use of fresh produce is heavenly. One of the joys of summertime is the salads. I find it fascinating the odd combination of vegetables/fruits one can put into a salad and it can be so very delectable. Thanks for the warning about the price of tea. If it had a cherry/almond scone and Devonshire cream with it, I would be satisfied.

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