Terragusto (real Italian)

First, let me say that I cleaned every plate I was served. The care that goes into each dish is self-evident. While I was most excited for the fresh pasta, the artisan bread is what impressed me most.

fresh-baked bread: warm, fluffy and delicious. I usually skip a bread course but this was completely worthwhile.

crostini assorti: the bufala pesto crostini was my favorite. the only one I could not finish was the duck liver pasticcio. this was due more to my taste preference.

frittata: Hearty and rich. Although there was a slight fishy taste that was off-putting, maybe it was the olive flavoring?

polenta: The cheesy crust was perfectly browned, wilted spinach is in season and so good, and cream sauce brought it all together.

gnocchi: the shrimp in this dish was plentiful and skillfully cooked. I had two contentions with the flavors that boils down to my taste preferences rather than dish quality or execution. I found that I prefer potato gnocchi to semolina gnocchi. The semolina gnocchi was a little mushy and floury for me. Also, the sauce had a licorice flavor that could be from fennel or anise seed and disagrees with my taste buds. Just preferences.

honey panna cotta; the cherries and pistachio topping this creamy, light dessert brought everything to a tasty close. yum! I need to learn how to prepare cherries like this as they are in season and readily available!

Lastly, I do have a note about the dining structure. The drawback for me when multiple course meals are the only option, is that I cannot eat that much in one sitting. I prefer to have smaller meals and this course requirement presents a challenge.


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