Chilam Balam (modern Mexican)

Creative, organic and flavorful, I thoroughly enjoyed my small bites at Chilam Balam. I believe the chef formerly worked in Rick Bayless kitchens and he/she brings the authentic Mexican cuisine with inventive twists, like beet salad with queso ice cream.

Smoked rabbit stew, chipotles, chorizo, roasted fingerlings and turnips; Crispy kale – the elusive crispy kale, fun!! While the flavors of the stew were earthy and complex, the turnips were very bitter (almost inedible) and it needed more spice for my palate.

Sweet corn tamal filled with housemade ricotta and braised greens; Poblano chile cream and Wisconsin Jack cheese – This recipe reminded me of Frontera’s veggie tamale but with a stronger corn bread taste. Delicious.

Hibiscus flan, vanilla-lime swirl ice cream and candied pepitas – This dessert was intricately designed and so yummy! I am so impressed when both the savory and sweet dishes at a restaurant are equally good.

I’ll be back. 🙂


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