Ceres’ Table (‘okay’ American-Italian)

Other reviews boast of Ceres’ Table as a hidden gem, I found it a cubic zirconia rather than a diamond. The dishes included a few fresh ingredients that elevated the flavors, but overall, the taste was lacking.

Here’s the line-up:

goat cheese ravioli – With this dish, I enjoyed the light, tomato water broth and the ripe, cherry tomatoes. The ravioli did not meet my pasta expectations, as spoiled by Terragusto.(not solicited)

beef tartare – As with firsts of many sorts, I cannot judge the experience but can only say, ‘thank you’. With trepidation and tentative bites, I ate past my raw beef and raw egg virginity. I may not return to the dish but I am happy to have tried it.

fettuccine – when a dish is labeled “fettuccine”, the pasta better be delicious, unfortunately, it wasn’t. The mushrooms had a wonderful flavor but the asparagus was overcooked and pale. If the dish was $10, I would expect ‘ok’ pasta, when it’s $17, I expect homemade, perfect pasta.

chocolate souffle – The gooey, chocolatey middle oozed delightfully out of the center, texture was spot on. The cherry sauce was enjoyable but if tart cherries were used, it would have brought it to four-star level.


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