The Drawing Room (Elegant speakeasy with food)

5 stars – cocktails
3 stars – food
1 star – dessert

Better than Sepia! If you want to feel special while sipping a delicious, artisan cocktail, go here! Filled with well-dressed clientele and a warm, low-light ambiance, it’s a great place to impress a date.

For me, I’m all about the food, and unfortunately it left me a little underwhelmed. Here’s the meal:

Heirloom Tomatoes – this platter of tomatoes, cucumbers, lemon zest, hummus, and yogurt foam looked like a jungle on my plate. I’m all for jungles, but the foam and hummus didn’t really go together. And unfortunately, the salt seasoning was not evenly distributed.

Polenta – I needed a knife to cut through the crust on the polenta, not in the good way. And the stuffed peppers were not roasted enough. The de-skinned peppers seemed uncomfortable in their naked, unseasoned state. The corn inside was not freshly cut off the cob, which I’ve found is the best way to honor the taste.

Gelato – hazelnut gelato is creamy and delicious. The two baked desserts were not recommended by the waiter, which infers this course is not a high priority for the restaurant.

I realize that ordering vegetarian dishes at traditional American restaurants may not reflect their strengths, but every dish out of the kitchen is fair game for judging the chef.


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