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Pot Pan (Good Chicago Thai)

Surprisingly delicious. I clearly have been frequenting too many average Thai spots in Chicago. They only use vegetable oil for cooking and no MSG. I had the spicy noodle (Khee Mao). The vegetables were crispy and flavorful and the noodles tasted fresh. Great find in my book!


FMIOTW: Waldspinel Sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke)

In the middle, those knobby things 🙂

A blend of familiar flavors; potato and artichoke in sweet, crispy pieces. Being a root vegetable, not an artichoke relative, sunchoke’s skin can be dirty so scrub away! After reading some online advice, I sauteed my sunchokes, skin on, in olive oil, thyme and sea salt. They are crispy, salty and have a subtle flavor all their own. Yum!

I’d imagine that mediterranean flavors like olives and lemons would bring out the flavor of sunchoke…hopefully without overpowering it.

Crop Mob 10/10/10: Spence Farms, IL

Marty and his Crop Mob visitors

On October 10th, my mom and I headed off to Livingston County in Illinois for our first Crop Mob event. The idea is that city people itching to be connected to their local farmers, volunteer for a day on a nearby farm.

Marty and Kris own and run their organic, sustainable farm with great passion and ambition. They supply restaurant chefs in Chicago and head up many community education initiatives. I would volunteer again in a heartbeat. The day was sunny and 80 degrees, the work was novel and the company was fun. hosted the event to focus on climate change. I joined the group through a Slow Food Chicago newsletter.

Sweet, Sour, Spicy: Cranberry-Juniper Chutney

Unique evergreen/earthy flavor

Cranberry chutney, turkey, cream cheese tea sandwich, yum! When I saw fresh cranberries for cheap at yesterday’s farmers market, I became super happy. Not taking cranberry too far from home, I decided to make a traditional chutney with a surprise, juniper berries. I was introduced to juniper berries at a spice shop several weeks ago. While reading the label and then giving them a sniff, I learned that they are what flavors gin! Cool! They should be good in meat sauces and marmalades.

For the traditional chutney base, I used the recipe below. I added a few juniper berries to the spice mix.

For more info on Juniper berries:

FMIOTW: Cranberries!

Now where can I buy turkey in October?!

Chicago Food Coop: I wish it were closer.

Most major cities have a food co-operative that commits to buying wholesale from local distributors and then passes that savings on to a community of buyers, us! Chicago’s coop is too far from where I live, but I recommend it to those who live in Wicker Park!

More info: