Post-farmers market depression

My cooking inspiration has become a little depressed since my farmers markets have gone indoors for the winter. Don’t worry though, I’m still finding some colorful meals such as the salmon tacos below. I’m starting to prefer corn tortillas over flour…more flavor!

Salmon and avocado tacos!



  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Very interesting Jamie. Yes, corn has more flavor and is crispy too.
    I’d have to try salmon with this, it would be a surprise taste for me.

  2. js Said:

    do you have a winter plan? i actually still see remnants of tomatoes at the market today but berries and fruits (except apples and pears) are long gone.

    i’ve been trying to identify what will only show up in winter, and avoid those items right now (like parsnips, potatoes, other roots etc..)

    my current thing now though is beets 🙂

  3. jamieott Said:

    I think the bulk section in Whole Foods is going to be important for me this winter. Utilizing some of the dried fruits will hopefully make some flavorful dishes. And when the fresh taste is lacking, I’ll have to find some creative ways to use acid to brighten up meals.

    Beets are yummy, can’t have enough of those. I just watched ‘the next iron chef’ episode where canora (my fav) used beets in a soup. I’ve never tried a beet soup but it’s an interesting challenge.

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