FMIOTW gone wrong: Chinese bitter melon

Gross. Well, at least my preparation did not do the bitter melon justice. I went with a breaded and fried version dipped in sweet soy sauce…didn’t work. As you would expect, this melon is BITTER.

Apparently, this fruit is used in traditional chinese medicine and has anti-malaria properties.

Since I’m trying for taste rather than the next blockbuster drug, I’d say pickling these green puppies may be the best way to go. After the bitter melon soaks up some sweet pickling juice, it should become a bright condiment to…well, I’m not sure yet.

bitter face.



  1. js Said:

    i have to say this is an acquired taste 🙂
    used to hate it when i was young but absolutely love it now. the taste is kinda like a alcoholic apperitif – dry and bitter.
    never tried the spiky one in your pic, think it’s more indian than chinese, but this kind is the one i usually get

    my favourite way of eating it is to stuff it with a fish/meat paste
    Grandma's Hakka Yong Tau Hu

    but i always crave this preparation too 🙂

  2. jamieott Said:

    When I again work up the bitter melon courage, I will definitely try your suggestions. Thanks for adding them!!

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