Homemade messy and good: Cold soba noodles in a satay peanut sauce


So, with most simple dishes, I realize that thousands of chefs throughout time and space have rediscovered the classic combo. But for me, the cold soba noodles with vegetables in a peanut sauce was a first. And goooooood. In college my roommate came back from studying abroad in Tanzania and made a newly learned dish with peanuts and tomatoes. That was my first experience having tomato and peanuts together and it was delicious.

I should have found a fresh, from-scratch peanut sauce recipe but being in the midst of finals, I don’t have time. The substitution of store bought satay peanut sauce was still tasty.

I made a dashi broth in which to cook the soba noodles to impart more flavor. While they cooled, I fried the green beans (much preferred over steaming or boiling) and then eggs. I threw everything together and added some peanut sauce to lightly coat the noodles.

This is a meal I could eat every night. Comfort food.


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