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Lan Fong Yuen (Milk tea shop, Central, HK)

Milk tea was another ‘must try’ in Hong Kong. Served hot or cold, this traditional drink tasted like a latte but with black tea instead of espresso. Sorry, no picture of the tea itself, think tea with ice in a clear plastic cup. 🙂

Wall of fame


House of Jasmine (Chinese tea and dim sum, HK)

My friend, Ceci, was kind enough to host me for an afternoon of Chinese tea and dim sum. Realizing that my American stomach may not be ready for traditional dishes such as tripe and other assorted organs, she brought me to House of Jasmine on the waterfront of Kowloon. Clean and formal, House of Jasmine was an oasis from the crowded malls and streets of Hong Kong. The tea was refreshing and the small bites were tasty. I would definitely return for a weekend brunch and request to sit outside with a view of the water.

BBQ pork pastries and Fried taro things

Rice flour wraps with shrimp and egg custard steamed buns

Sticky rice in lotus leaves

Australia Dairy Company (Best Scrambled Eggs, HK)

My favorite HK food blogger, Geoff Twitchen, told me that I cannot leave Hong Kong without going to the Australia Dairy Company for scrambled eggs and toast. ( Just off the Jordan station, I located this small fast food shop and dropped in for a quick bite. Made with sweet Hokkaido milk, the scrambled eggs are dreamy creamy and perfectly seasoned. The toast was a nice texture to offset the eggs. I’d be a regular if I lived in HK as these were the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever eaten.

Found it!

Scrambled eggs on toast

Bread in Hong Kong

I never would have guessed that the bakeries in Hong Kong would be so delicious. Among a typical assortment of goods, I spotted this bright green loaf stuffed with cream (like a donut) and sweet red bean paste. It is surprisingly light and very tasty!

Green tea loaf filled with cream and red bean paste

FMIOTW: Star wrapped berries

Powerful punch of a berry - sweet and tart

Manan picked up these fruits in a Hong Kong grocery store and said they are common summer berries in India. They have the consistency of a grape but the flavor of a berry. Delicious little bites.

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon (French in Hong Kong)

A dense fog of jet lag could not dampen my culinary anticipation of a Christmas dinner at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in Hong Kong. Manan and I walk into the dimly lit, Michelin award winning restaurant, immediately warmed by Christmas melodies from a live quartet. Some would prefer not to sit at the counter, but with the open kitchen in my line of sight, I was in foodie nirvana. By the end of the meal, I was convinced of the French food trifecta; butter, foie gras, truffles. Without further ado, the menu:

bread and butter – not just any b and b. they make their own assorted breads and butter from scratch and OMG. (note the conical butter in the photos below.

artichoke cream and foie gras cream topped with a port reduction and a crouton dipping stick (amuse bouche) – if the bread was not enough, this bite-sized amuse bouche instructed me sit back, relax, and prepare to eat one of the best meals of my life.

pork meat minced on wheat baguette with beef broth – perfectly smooth bites of flavorful meat with a nice broth compliment to cut the fat. as much as I like creamy, I would like to try a version of this with crispy pork pieces

foie gras ravioli in broth with dill and side of heavy cream – presentation of this dish was delightful. brought out in a closed egg container, the lid was lifted and rich chicken stock steam warmed my senses. they recommended a small scoop of cream with every bite of the ravioli and broth, brilliant! the contrast of rich cream with homemade ravioli and clean broth was amazing.

seared sea scallops in creamy leek soup and foam – presentation created a perfect sea scape on which my lightly seared scallops bathed. scallops were fresh and played well with the creamy leek base.

fromage with truffles (of course) – the brie was stuffed with a layer of decadent truffle cream. the pear sauce provided a refreshing compliment to the rich cheese. at this point in the meal, why hold back, i would have preferred triple cream brie to double cream. the pear sauce was unseasoned and reminded me of apple sauce. i would have enjoyed a sweeter, uniquely seasoned pear sauce.

dessert extra – playful plate of chocolates and cookies. the green tea macaroons were SO GOOD!

L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon: Photo tour

At the beginning...

View of the kitchen from where I sat!

Pork meat minced on homemade bread

Foie gras steak on onion consomme with shaved truffle

Foie gras ravioli in broth with dill and cream on side

Chicken fillet with mushrooms and potatoes

Seared scallops in creamy leek soup and foam

Chestnut mousse with milk chocolate and raspberry sauce

Brie cheese with truffle center and pear sauce

Green tea macaroons and crunchy gold beads to finish!

Ecological model of farming for tastier food

I love this TED talk by Dan Barber. His point is to work with nature instead of manipulating it. He argues against disturbing the natural relationships in order to maximize taste for the long term.