House of Jasmine (Chinese tea and dim sum, HK)

My friend, Ceci, was kind enough to host me for an afternoon of Chinese tea and dim sum. Realizing that my American stomach may not be ready for traditional dishes such as tripe and other assorted organs, she brought me to House of Jasmine on the waterfront of Kowloon. Clean and formal, House of Jasmine was an oasis from the crowded malls and streets of Hong Kong. The tea was refreshing and the small bites were tasty. I would definitely return for a weekend brunch and request to sit outside with a view of the water.

BBQ pork pastries and Fried taro things

Rice flour wraps with shrimp and egg custard steamed buns

Sticky rice in lotus leaves


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Why not tripe?? Did you know that the original mince meat pie used tripe? I must confess, I’m quite pleased that that the tripe has been substituted.
    How fun to experience such different cuisines…I’m envious.

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