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FMIOTW: Brown Basmati rice

While exploring the Whole Foods bulk section, I stumbled across the quiet stash of brown basmati rice. I’m not usually one to go for brown rice, but I was up for trying something new. Also, I was making a heavily spiced stew so I was looking for a more plain rice accompaniment. I tossed the rice around in hot olive oil and a little salt until toasted, and then let it simmer away for approx 1/2 hour with the ratio of 1 C. rice to 2 C. water.

The nutty aroma from the toasting rice took me by surprise and to my delight, my plain side dish turned into my future rice type of choice!


Athenian Room (Lincoln Park Greek)

I enjoy the simple atmosphere of this local Greek joint. It does well for what it advertises, reasonably prices, tasty Greek street food. Had their chicken kabob and found the chicken flavorful and fries indulgent.

Central Wet Market (HK)

The closest open farmers market Hong Kong offers is called a wet market. Along with produce store fronts, they offer live fish and seafood in bins of cold water. Super fresh!

Cozy street in Central, Hong Kong

Anyone know how to filet a fish?