Cooking – Blog disconnect!

I have been cooking, but clearly I have not been blogging. My laptop has not worked for the past month, keeping me from spilling my culinary beans with you.

With just a quick minute at work. let me share some highlights:
-Bread – I’ve picked up the habit of making bread every Sunday. I use a wheat version of the ‘Bread in Five Minutes’ recipe. (recipe in the archives) I bake half of the dough on Sunday evening and save half of it for a pizza later in the week. I bring lunches to work and homemade pizza is a great leftover.

-Roasted chicken – My weekly routine has also picked up the roasting of an organic chicken. I roast the chicken on Sunday and make chicken stock overnight with the bones, carrots, celery, onion, herbs, etc. I’ve made versions of chicken soup with beans, carrots, split peas, potatoes, mushrooms…all yummy things and perfect for the winter weather.

-Whole foods bulk section – Part of my cooking excitement comes from uncovering the identity of mysterious ingredients. The bulk section of WFs inspires me to work with dried fruits, nuts, beans, rice, flour in new ways.

Maybe I will survive without farmer’s markets. 🙂


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