Itto Sushi (authentic Japanese)

One mark of a good Japanese restaurant is that a significant portion of clientele is Japanese. (except when in Japan, obviously) Such is the case at Itto Sushi. Despite the awkward environment of a former Wendy’s shell, Itto Sushi provides quality, authentic dishes with excellent service.

I have now been to Itto three times, each time trying a new type of dish.

1. Soba (wheat) noodles in broth with fish cakes – Tasty noodles and mushrooms. Fish cakes were new for me, a spam of fish but better quality.

2. A ridiculous amount of sashimi and sushi (and sake) – The quality of fish is excellent, especially for the price.

3. Tempura dinner entree with sides of cucumber salad and miso soup – I never deep fry food at home because it requires a large amount of oil, good technique, and it makes a mess. My shrimp and vegetable tempura was a nice treat that I would never make for myself.

My next endeavor is to grab a group of friends and try their 50 appetizers in tapas style. I’ve heard their more traditional Japanese dishes are what make this restaurant unique. Enjoy!


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