Irv and Shelly’s Fresh Pick Boxes

Thanks to Groupon, I bought a discounted box of fresh produce from Irv and Shelly’s community supported agriculture (CSA). Typically, for $31, a produce starved urbanite can have farm fresh ingredients delivered to home.

I patiently waited to use my coupon until mid-January when grocery store produce came only from Southeast Asia and Latin America. Irv and Shelly’s occasionally has to order from CA, but otherwise they are sourced by local greenhouses and indoor hydroponic farms.

On the advent of my box arrival, several friends and I had a cooking party. Here are the collaborative results:

Irv and Shelly's produce doublebox

Aravinda's blood orange carrot salad

Carmelized onion, goat cheese and arugula pizza, Sauteed crimini mushrooms!


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