Paneer cheese is easy!

My co-worker recently explained how she makes paneer cheese from scratch. I have been meaning to attempt cheese making but had no one to suggest methods. The cheese turned out delicious!

-1 gallon whole milk
-three lemons (lemon juice)
-2 T. curry powder
-.25 C. kosher salt

Bring milk to a boil and then immediately turn off heat. Add all other ingredients and wait for the curds to collect! I had to play around with the amount of acid and heat, but eventually it curdled as desired. I strained for a bit in a cheese cloth and then fried it lightly in slices. I put it on top of sauteed spinach and onions, yummy!

One of my Indian friend’s mom was mortified that I added flavoring to the cheese while making it…but, it tastes good! 🙂

Curry flavored paneer cheese


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