Risotto with goat cheese and kale

What to do with that container of goat cheese in my fridge? After a fortuitous episode of Iron Chef this past week that had ‘goat cheese’ as the secret ingredient, dish inspiration was in full gear. From Whole Foods, I bought turkish figs, red beets and arborio rice and kale for three different preparations of goat cheese. So far, I have made risotto which tastes delicious but is on my ‘once a year’ list of dishes due to high fat content. The combination of ingredients, including bacon, was tasty but it lacked that super starchy connection that I was craving. Perhaps the rice was not starchy enough?

-1 C. arborio rice
-4 C. heated chicken stock
-couple slices of bacon
-one onion diced
-bunch of kale
-3/4 package of goat cheese
-1/4 C. grated parmesan cheese
-1/4 C. butter
-salt/pepper to taste

In a separate pot, heat up the chicken stock/water until almost boiling. In another pot, render the bacon pieces and then cook the diced onions. Then throw in the arborio rice and toast it for a bit until slightly browned. Add hot stock to the mix until it reaches the top of the rice. Stir the rice frequently and add more liquid as needed, always stopping at the rice level. Once the rice stops absorbing liquid, add butter, cheeses, kale (blanched), salt and pepper. Enjoy!

I may try frying up the leftovers to get a crispy rice alternative…

Ooe gooey yummy.


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