Clarified butter (ghee)

If you are not afraid of a little fat in your diet, clarified butter is a useful and flavorful cooking medium. Indian cooks refer to it as ‘ghee’ and I find it surprisingly easy to make from regular butter sticks. Its benefit over regular butter is a higher smoke point, which allows it to cook foods at a higher temperature. (more browning and crispier)

Slowly melt two sticks of butter and do not stir mixture. After a couple of minutes, the solution will separate into three layers; casein (frothy top), yellow oil (middle), and milk solids/water (bottom). Skim the top layer off and collect the middle layer as your clarified butter. You can use it like you would regular butter in cooking, but be careful in baking recipes.

Also, it is super fatty, so use it sparingly to protect your health.

Looks like pee, tastes like butter.


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Would you please clarify why I would need to clarify my butter?

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