Potatoes Anna

To utilize my freshly made ghee, I made a simple ‘potatoes anna’ dish that my friend highly recommended from ‘What Einstein Told his Cook’. To my excitement, the recipe allowed me to use my mandolin slicer and cast iron skillet, two of my favorite kitchen tools. I added a sprinkling of herbs de provence to each layer along with salt/pepper seasoning. The result was beautiful and addictive.

Crispy golden starch.

Recipe (from book)
-4 medium potatoes
-2-4 T. clarified butter
-coarse salt
-freshly ground pepper

1. Preheat oven to 450F.
2. Add a thin layer of clarified butter to the bottom of a cast iron skillet
3. Alternate spiraled layers of potato slices and seasonings (incld butter)
4. Once built, heat on stove top to a sizzle before slipping it into the oven with a lid
5. Cook time is approx. 30-35 minutes.



  1. ccd Said:


  2. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Yum, that looks dasterly!!
    Unfortunately, my lids can’t go into the oven 😦

  3. jamieott Said:

    Note that this dish does not work with American sweet potatoes.

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