farmers’ markets start the first week of May!!

To celebrate the coming season of fresh produce at my local outdoor farmers market, I made a simple caprese salad with a big, organic tomato from Whole Foods. Made right, caprese salad can be a divine creation.

Ingredients (all ingredients need to be the best quality)
-Tomato slices
-Buffalo mozzarella in liquid
-Extra virgin olive oil
-Balsamic vinegar
-Kosher salt (do not proceed without large crystal salt!!!)

1. Slice tomatoes and lay flat on plate (don’t cheat and start to layer then in a pretty assortment before seasoning)
2. Pour a pile of kosher salt into your left palm and season all slices evenly. Then add freshly ground pepper.
3. Slice buffalo mozzarella and lay then on top of the tomato slices
4. Repeat step two for the mozzarella as it loves salt.
5. Rinse basil and thoroughly dry. Place individual leaves on top of mozzarella
6. Drizzle with olive oil
7. Take a Tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and evenly distribute it on the basil leaves. If you dried your basil leaves, it shouldn’t run off quickly onto the plate.
8. Lastly season your leaves if you want.
Enjoy 🙂

Juicy, salty heaven


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  1. Soooo good. And I’m so thrilled all the farmers markets are opening here too.

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