It’s about time I told you about my chicken habit.

Almost every week to every other week I roast a chicken. I pick off the meat and then make chicken stock overnight with added carrots, celery and onions. Roasting a chicken seems like a luxury, but it’s not! It takes 1.25 hrs in the oven at 320F. I’m happy when my digital thermometer registered 160F. I brine the chicken in water, salt and lemon juice for approx. 20-30 minutes, mainly to remove the bacteria and other external impurities. I then cut small holes in the skin through which I stuff seasoning and rub it over the meat. I cover with olive oil and put it in a covered pot to roast. So easy!

From the stock, the options are limitless; soups, base for grains/beans/polenta, sauces, etc. Stock is so convenient to freeze and use whenever! I’ve heard of people freezing them in their ice cube trays so that they can access it a la carte.

Gravy. I have not made gravy during this weekly ritual until today. OMG. Do it. A good tip from my recently read chemistry cookbook, separate the fat and water layers before making the gravy. I did this the simple way by saving the drippings in a tupperware overnight and let the two phases separate themselves. Then the book advises to add flour to only the fat layer first and simmer for a few minutes. Afterwards, add the non-flat liquid and thicken and season. This fully incorporates the thickening agent, removes any floury taste, and ensure silky smooth gravy. I almost drooled while eating this chicken and gravy over a piece of bread.

Simply seasoned with herbs de provence, salt and pepper


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