Vij’s Indian Restaurant (Vancouver, BC)

While the atmosphere is inviting and ever so slightly glamorous, the food let my high expectations down. Clearly each dish was made with care, but the finishing execution left me wanting more. Here’s the line-up:

In-line friendly bites: (thank you!)
Cassava fries – an obvious winner, yum. one of my favorite bites of the night

Cocktails – tasty and refreshing

Yam, paneer, and cabbage kofta in pureed lentil curry – Interesting combination and flavors, but the kofta was not crispy enough to counter the soupy texture of the curry.

Samosas filled with lamb and beef sauteed in fennel, cloves, and sumac – The flavors of the sauce that accompanied the samosas was delicious, however, the samosas itself was lacking in flavor. The pureed meat lost it’s meaty charm and was sadly as smooth as baby food.

Saag-paneer with lentil curry and chapati – tasty flavors for this classic dish but nothing extraordinary

Cashew chicken in tomato curry sauce – Perhaps our late dinner arrival caused the demise of this dish, but the flavors were so intense and confused that I couldn’t finish much of it. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that the sauce reduced too much and therefore left it over seasoned.

Bread – The bread served to our table tasted like pita from a plastic package bought from the grocery store. It lacked all warm, soft, fresh, flavorful characteristics that Indian breads are so well known for.

Samosas filled with lamb and beef

Yam and cabbage kofta in pureed lentil curry


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