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Mysore Woodlands (Southern Indian food on Devon St.)

Fresh, flavorful, generous. Family style is the way to go with so many dishes to taste. Service was attentive and small amenities like bringing out warm cream for milk was a nice touch. A complimentary serving of raita was served with the meal and it added just the right amount of creamy acidity to the meal.

channa bhatura – spicy chick peas served with a large, flaky bread. the chick peas were perfect hosts to the flavors of the dish and bread was fresh and delicious.

paratha khorma – rich flat bread accompanied this vegetable medley in a coconut curry sauce. the coconut was not overpowering and the vegetables were crisp.


Wash them apples. For real.

A salad makeover

Marketers of diets have destroyed the face of salads, making the sound of their name synonymous with bland, dull, tasteless, boring. And the supermarket heads of fake, white lettuce are not helping the cause. Despite the bad publicity, I implore you to give them another chance.

1. buy non-white, non-pre-packaged lettuce
2. buy a salad spinner that dries the lettuce fully after washing
3. add olive first and hand toss lettuce, then season with salt, pepper and a little vinegar

Blueberry mango salad with balsamic vinegar

FMIOTW: Many kinds of potatoes with green garlic

Yum, brunch. 🙂