First nibble of Hong Kong fish: Argyrosomus japonicus

I picked up two fish steaks from the local grocery store. The fish monger suggested the Japanese Meagre and I said ‘sure’. Despite having just read a fish mongering apprentice book, I still am a novice around seafood. When I got home, apparently the Japanese Meagre is not part of any fish family mentioned in the book. Instead, it is part of the drum fish family and not surprisingly, it is fished off the coasts of Asia. According to some official looking websites, i.e. wikipedia, they’re called drum fish because of the sound they make when trying to pick up hot female fish.

Of the few recipe boards I could find on drum fish, they suggested it may taste like veal and also is good with bbq sauce. From this lead, I decided to marinate the fish in hoisen sauce, soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic. After frying the steaks, I added more hoisen bbq sauce to the top and found it delicious!

Japanese Meagre


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