Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Gardens (HK)

Kadoorie Farm is accessible by public transportation and is only an hour outside of Hong Kong. It seems like a nature preserve where the organization is trying to exemplify responsible mountainside farming practices. It is so much more than an organic farm. Along with the chubby pig below, there were photo-perfect views after every set of stairs…good motivation. AND, it was only 1.50USD admission!

Also, I had the most delicious banana of my life. It had a hearty texture and tasted slightly like an apple, not pithy at all.


The fog set the mood.

Mountainside farming


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Yes, Jamie, that does sound/is quite morbid!
    I watched in horror at a chicken being beheaded at a 4H market….I had nightmares for years!!
    Please quell your enthusiasm??
    Your mother,

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