First fish purchase at the wet market!

I did it. I pointed to a whole live fish at the wet market and they filleted it up for me on the spot. It was black and the fish mongerette mentioned the name in chinese…no idea what kind it actually was. No matter, I was the proud owner of two fresh fish fillets. During the butchering process, the woman held up the head and backbone of the fish and gestured, ‘would you like this as well?’ I nodded ‘no, thank you’ and immediately felt the disdain in her look (or perhaps judged myself) on the wastefulness of leaving the bones behind. A fish stock would be only 30-45 minutes away…but, alas, for next time.

Now for steaming. I hadn’t thought much of steaming anything in my dishes, let alone meats. But I have noticed here that ovens are rare and the main cooking techniques are by wok or steaming. By the good reason that steaming would keep fish more moist, I decided that my fresh fish would have to go this route. I bought a bamboo steamer to place in the wok for 1USD. I seasoned the fish with garlic, dill, lemon, olive oil and salt/pepper. After 10 minutes of steaming, which may have been too long for fillets versus a whole fish, I had delicious meat morsels! I am a steaming of fish convert.

Tender and flaky.



  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    As I look through your culinary experiences, I marvel at your opportunity to try such interesting new foods. Do you ask for no MSG? That was always one ingredient that was troublesome to me. Enjoy!!

  2. js Said:

    gotta steam fish in a plate! all the juicy goodness from the fish is escaping through the bamboo!! nooo!! *disdain* haha

    • jamieott Said:

      haha, see! this is why you need to live in Chicago, to keep me from making kitchen mistakes.

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