Martha Sherpa Cooking Course: Dim Sum

I had a humbling cooking experience trying to make dim sum yesterday at Martha Sherpa’s Cooking School in Mongkok. We made five different types of dumplings/potstickers. All dishes had the same filling, ground pork belly and chives, but each dough was slightly different. I consider myself more of a cook than a baker, but I realize the need to become comfortable with making my own dough. In this case it is for asian dim sum, but I should venture into Italian pasta making as well.

Each dumpling required precision measuring on an electric scale (in grams), different dough folding techniques, and several cooking methods (boiling, frying, steaming). I have a number of items to pick-up in Chinatown when I get home, a worthy investment.

The chili sauce and homemade spice infused soy sauce were so delicious. And freshly steamed buns and dumplings are not only fun to eat but fun to bring friends together for the cooking process. (almost a necessity for the amount of work required) I look forward to experimenting with different types of fillings.

Boiled dumplings in red oil sauce

Kothay (Potstickers with pork)

Sound Jean Bao (Pan fried pork buns)

Siao Lung Bao (steam dumplings with pork and soup filling)



  1. Liv Said:

    I did the same course – amazing, but hard work huh?! I must admit I haven’t yet made dough from scratch, but I’m feeling inspired… Maybe tonight’s the night!

    • jamieott Said:

      Agreed, hard work but the result is worthwhile. I only make it when i have friends over to help!

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