Dim sum trial 1: Boiled pork dumplings with red chili sauce

My pro-pork dim sum crew convened today on our first trial of making dumplings without my instructor’s help. Although not as pretty as the dumplings we made in class, they were YUM. We made the pork filling and dough from scratch. The process took 5 hours from start to finish, including eating and cleaning. Although dim sum construction is time consuming, it is a really fun event to share with friends and family. I look forward to our next dim sum trial in one month!

The cherry on top was actually the homemade spice-infused soy sauce and red chili sauce. A little star anise and cinnamon added flavor to the thickened soy sauce and the homemade chili sauce with vinegar with delicious. We made two fillings, one with pork and chives and one with mushrooms and chives. The pork filling was far superior to the mushroom filling… We have some research to do to figure out tasty vegetarian options.

Dim sum ingredients!

So cute and time consuming.

Dumplings with sauce and cilantro!


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