Inauguration of the ‘failures’ file: Tamales

A valiant attempt tonight was made to cook cheese and black bean tamales. The recipe was the most simple on the internet and perhaps that was our downfall. For the tamale dough, the recipe only called for masa harina, salt, veggie stock and a little olive oil. After steaming, the dough came out looking pretty and having the right texture, but it tasted like corn flour and nothing else. After some more recipe research, we realized that the addition of lard, spices and/or sour cream might be in order. Future efforts will be better researched!

Perfectly tied by Lisa.

Steamed with melty cheese...looks good, tastes not that great


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  1. Liv Said:

    If you find a recipe that works, please share! Looove tamales, and I think they’d make a cool dinner party dish.

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