Lula Cafe (food worship)

F*&king delicious brunch this morning. There are food smart chefs running this small gem of a cafe. The experience is worth the long wait time and I look forward to catching dinner there soon.

braised short rib with picked cucumber, peppers, fried egg, horseradish aioli on potato bread with side of purple rice and blueberry salad – I love when chefs know how to balance a dish with fat, acid, sour, sweet, spice… meat was tender and the synergy of the sandwich was sublime.

strada pain de mie bread pudding with eggplant, basil, bacon, spinach and provolone – this dish apparently takes two days of preparation. thank you for your time! although the dish was a little dry, the bread pudding and vegetable combo made for a decadent, savory bite(s). the side salad was lightly dressed and perfectly seasoned.

vanilla cream cheese stuffed brioche french toast with blueberries- won over to dessert for breakfast… these are the calories worth eating! just sweet goodness.

a table of perfection

60 minute egg over three sister grits with confit chicken thigh and salad


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