Cook Au Vin: Prestige Menu Class

Groupon led me to a french cooking class at Cook Au Vin. A friend and I joined a group of 8 other students for a night of relaxed cooking. Our teacher, Cecil, took us through a tasty menu and moreso taught us some useful techniques.

Techniques included:
1. separating egg yolks by breaking the egg against a flat surface and collecting the yolk in your hand instead of playing a game of catch with the yolk between two shell halves
2. try to combine ingredients at similar temperatures
3. realign your kitchen knife blades often, sharpening doesn’t have to happen more than once a year
4. chop ingredients in similar sizes for even cooking
5. add ingredients that take longer to cook to a pan first, so carrots before onions, etc.
6. heat a pan before adding oil or butter
7. pasta…make your own recipe. it’s good with eggs.
8. add tons of salt to your pasta water
9. taste everything
10. after deglazing a pan, let cook until pan becomes dry
11. season with salt as you go
12. never wash your pasta roller
13. if you want to flavor ganache, infused the spices in the cream before mixing with melted chocolate

Vegetable soup deglazed with champagne and covered with puff pastry

Fresh pasta is easy but messy

Chocolate lava cakes in the making



  1. Arv Said:

    Also use your wrist, not your arm, when whipping something. Always add lighter ingredients on top of heavy ingredients. And it never hurts to enjoy a glass of Ott wine while cooking 🙂

  2. jamieott Said:

    Thanks Arv!!

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