Chicken croquetas (Spanish tapas style)

Special thanks to Jaime, my Spanish friend, for his advice on making both the chicken croquetas and Spanish tortilla!

These little bites were a fair amount of work but perfect to serve at a cocktail party. Here’s my version:
1. roasted a chicken – kept the roasting juices and let them separate into fat and broth in the fridge. pulled off all the meat and put it in the freezer. made chicken stock with the bones, carrots, onion, celery, water for 12 hrs. (overnight, it’s low maintenance)
2. night before the party, I made the filling, a basic bechamel sauce. Started with 10 T. of roasting fat from fridge, olive oil and butter (about equal parts of each). On a side burner I added 5 C. of milk and 2 C. of chicken broth, including the roasting broth separated from the fat until warm. I added 14 T. of flour to the heated oil mixture and stirred until fully blended. I then added the the water milk/broth to the oil/flour mixture and stirred for 20-30 minutes. I tasted the mixture and added salt as needed. After defrosting the frozen roasted chicken pieces lightly, I finely cut the pieces into shreds. I then added the chicken to the bechamel once it started to thicken. Once thick enough, pour into bowl and refrigerate overnight.
-My recommendation is to make sure the bechamel is sticking to itself more than the outside of the pot, like glue. It needs to be thick enough to shape later the next day.
3. On party day, remove the bowl of filling from the fridge. Take two spoons and start making lots of quenelles. Check out the technique on youtube, it takes practice!
4. Then I dipped each quenelle in egg wash and then in seasoned bread crumbs.
5. In a pot, I heated canola oil to deep frying temperatures. In batches on 6, I fried the outside until golden brown and then put them in the oven at 200F to keep warm until serving.
6. Tasty!

Karen and I quenelled for awhile...

Pre-fry croquetas


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  1. Arv Said:

    This is what Amazing would taste like if you deep fried it. They were ssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo YUMMY! Thanks for inviting me to your shindig to enjoy them!

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