Spanish tortilla with potato (tapas)

Spanish tortilla has two ingredients, potato and eggs. What makes it special is the preparation.
1. I used my mandolin to slice several potatoes
2. I then cooked the slices in canola oil at a temp just below deep frying
3. I used my immersion blender to whip 12 eggs for a bit to make fluffy
4. Into a non-stick pan with heated olive oil, I layered whipped egg, then potato, then salt, then egg, then potato, then egg, etc.
5. I capped the frying pan with a lid and let it cook on medium for about 10 minutes. I then flipped the tortilla into another oiled frying pan and placed it into the 200F oven to bake for 15 or more minutes.
6. I made sure the browned side was face up and sliced it into cubes for easy eating. Tasty with hot sauce!

Pretty dish.


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