Gnocchi time!

So, it’s been 2 years since I was taught how to make gnocchi…thankfully I have a photographic food memory and the original recipe. First, I boiled a large russet potato and then put it in the oven to dry out for a bit. (total cooking time around 45 minutes) Then I mixed a pinch of salt, 1/2 C. flour and sprinkling of nutmeg. I used a ricer (see pic below) to ‘sift’ the potato and mixed everything together with two egg yolks. I kneaded the dough a little and rolled it into a log. I then cut 2inch sections and tried to make the fork indents, somewhat unsuccessfully. I dropped several gnocchi into a boiling pot of water and pulled them out once they floated to the top, approx. two minutes. I made a quick tomato and basil sauce and everything resulted in a novel, tasty meal.

Ricer for the potato

Gnocchi close-up

fluffy little potato pillows with fresh tomatoes and basil



  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Now you talking my language….easy and simple!
    I can’t wait to try that…thanks

  2. I love making gnocchi. It’s daunting at first, until you realise it’s incredibly easy. 😀

    • jamieott Said:

      Agreed! What proportion of ingredients do you use?

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