Homemade pasta oh my!

I can no longer make excuses, it’s time I made my own pasta at home. My friend, Qin, demonstrated how easy it is to mix flour, eggs, an optional filling, into a mound, knead it, then roll it out super thin. After flattening into 1/8″ thickness, fold the dough several times (or roll it up like a fruit roll-up) and slice it thinly for angel hair pasta, or thicker for fettuccine. I personally loved the thin slices as it maximized surface area for sticky sauces. While I was served both tomato and spinach pastas, I think I preferred the spinach pasta. All purpose flour is typically used but I may experiment with wheat flour in the future. Qin was generous enough to leave me with two portions of tomato pasta dough and I may make one into a breakfast pasta with bacon sauce and a sunny-side egg on top. 🙂

Tomato pasta with grated aged gouda

Healthy, colorful and most importantly, delicious


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