Peter piper did not pickle my peppers

I canned my first jar of pickled peppers thanks to my learnings from the Slow Food tomato canning event several weeks ago. Special thanks to Nichol’s farmers stand at Green City Market for having a diverse selection of colorful peppers! I used a Williams and Sonoma giardiniera recipe loosely, considering I did not add zucchini, carrots or cauliflower. In essence I combined apple cider vinegar (not white vinegar…yeah, we’ll see…), salt, water, herbs, garlic and peppers in a jar and applied all my newly acquired canning techniques. I’m a little concerned that the liquid level fell slightly below the pepper line but I am reassured by several online canning sites that this is ‘ok’. We’ll taste the end result in a few weeks!

Pickled peppers, a mix of spicy and sweet

Also, if you have any suggestions for removing pepper skins, let me know! The skins do not release from the pepper after boiling as they do on tomatoes.


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  1. Arv Said:

    Could you peel them with a normal peeler before boiling? I’ve never tried it either. The title of this made me LOL, btw.

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