Official member of the fish steaming club

For a whole fish, forget roasting or whatever you were going to do with it, steam it! I used a wok and bamboo baskets but steel steamers should work as well. The fish on the bone is intensely flavorful, flaky tender and moist. And just like chicken, you can make stock out of the head and bones! I dropped the fish bones, carrots, celery, onion, and fennel in butter/oil, then white wine, then water pressure cooker for 30 minutes. I may make a soup, sauce, paella…TBD.

AND, I tried one of the eye balls, yes, I did. I actually liked it…kinda weird, but I liked the rich fluid… I also scooped out the fish cheeks and enjoyed that little morsel as well. A whole steamed fish is an adventure I fully recommend for all food lovers.

My seasonings:
-green onions
-spice-infused soy sauce
-sesame oil
I cut off the tail and fins, made slits in the sides and stuffed seasoning in them and all over. I made a little foil basket to collect the juices and let it steam for 12 minutes. SIMPLE. and delicious.

hi yellow-eye snapper

Happy fish post steaming

Is this persuasive enough? Go buy a whole fish!



  1. aratotaArv Said:

    Sounds great! But can you do me a favor and try not to refer to anything food related as “fluid”…especially when it pertains to eyeballs 😉

  2. jamieott Said:

    Oh, I’m sorry…would vitreous humour be better?? 🙂

  3. aratotaArv Said:

    1. I had to look up what vitreous meant, and 2. Yes. Much better.

  4. Jackie Hartson Said:

    I was right with you with the steamed savory moist flaky fish; but then, you went just a little too far. Eyes, cheeks, yuk! I may not let you kiss me next time we meet.

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