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FMIOTW: Radishes

Of course there is more than one variety of radish but who knew?! I’ve only tried two radishes seen below in a rice wine vinegar/sugar dressing. I was surprised at the difference in taste between the two! I think next time I’ll cut them with my mandolin slicer to better appreciate their flavor instead of diced. They get spicy, too!

Radishes are not boring.


Yummmmm, Fall!!!!

Quintessential American fall classics: cranberries, chestnuts and pumpkins.

Cranberries – yes, the classic is cranberry sauce for Tgiving, but instead try homemade cranberry-juniper chutney. Yum.

Cranberries 😉

Chestnuts – Roasting these is not just for fairytales. Cross score the chestnuts on their round side and set in the oven on a cookie tray for 25 minutes at 400F. Peel away their brown shells and enjoy as is or in chicken gravy.

Love the smell and taste.

Pumpkins – The flesh of pumpkins is most utilized but don’t forget the seeds! My roommate Meghan roasted some of the pumpkin seeds with a little salt and they were a delicious, healthy snack for anytime of day.

Don't throw away the seeds!

And, last but not least:


FMIOTW: Apples!!

Nichols had over 20 varieties of apples at the farmer’s market. I just took one from each bin and went to town! Yay diversity. Also, the skin has insoluble fiber and the flesh has soluble fiber. Fiber is good.

Apple pie, apple sauce, apple salsa, snack apple, crispy texture additive...

Lasagna! beats ravioli

I used the same combo of kale pasta and squash/ricotta in a lasagna yesterday rather than ravioli and it reached its full potential in flavor and balance. I made a curried tomato sauce with 8 skinned tomatoes and one onion to add along with ricotta and kale between pasta layers. I rolled out the remaining pasta and had fun cutting the pieces to fit the baking container rather than in the pre-cut boxed strips. I added a layer of mozzarella to the top with the last of the sauce and some parmesan cheese. After 30 minutes in the oven at 350F, it was warm, melty, and filling.

An indulgent meal to have once in awhile

Apple cider pancakes

I made apple cider pancakes with walnuts this morning and found them good but not as fluffy as I wanted. Instead of using one cup of milk, I added .5C milk and .5C apple cider along with some cinnamon and nutmeg to 2C. flour, tsp salt and tsp of baking powder. Next time I think I’ll use sugar in the batter and freshly sliced apples at the bottom of pancakes.

Fall pancakes. 🙂

Squash ricotta ravioli with Italian pork sausage

My first pasta from scratch was a worthy attempt but not a huge success. I made kale pasta by adding blanched, puree kale to the flour/egg mixture. I used a ratio of 4C. flour to 4 eggs and I think the result was too floury. I wonder if that ratio of egg to flour only works when you create a flour well on a table rather than mix ingredients in a bowl, so that excess flour can remain on the table if the pasta has hit its flour saturation level. I’ll try the well next time.

From the pasta, I rolled out a quarter of the dough to make ravioli. After rolling until paper thin, I folded the dough in half and then cut out randomly sized triangles to reduce dough waste. I added the filling one triangle of each pair and then sealed them with egg washed over the none filling side. The filling was simply baked acorn squash and ricotta cheese seasoned with salt and nutmeg.

I heated some olive oil on the stove with a number of Indian spices, including; cinnamon, clove, fenugreek, cumin seed, coriander seed, cardamon seed, star anise, black pepper, etc. I strained the oil and used it to cook uncased Italian pork sausage. I bought the pork sausage from Jake’s Country Meats’ stand at the Logan Park farmers market and I will never buy grocery store sausage again, so good!

I boiled the ravioli until they floated to the surface of the water, approx 3-5 minutes, topped with sausage and then drizzled some spice-infused oil olive and lemon juice on top.

Overall good, but not great. The spices were not pungent enough to season the dish and I will consider adding more spices to the ravioli filling rather than in a simple sauce.

filling time!

Triangles are less wasteful 🙂

Sausage and sauce added for a tasty bite.