Back to basics

I recently have enjoyed revisiting old favorites and putting a new twist on them. I have already started to miss the farmer’s markets but hope to visit the indoor market soon.

1. Egg salad – I love the creaminess of the egg against the acidic salad dressing and crisp lettuce. I added some watermelon radish for spice and aesthetics. For the egg salad, I used oil olive instead of mayonaise and liked the switch.

that radish was good, yes.

2. grilled cheese and vegetable soup with dumplings – perfect fall/winter weather lunch. I put two slabs of organic sliced cheese between bakery sourdough/rye swirl bread. Organic cheese is WORTH IT. Try it. I realized while crisping the sandwich in the skillet that letting the cheese fallout the sides and fry a little was a brilliant mishap. I love fried cheese. I rolled out a mixed dough (.5C flour and 1 egg) and sliced into pieces for the soup. Using my homemade chicken stock, I added carrots, celery, onion, kale, then pasta at the end. Very comforting…

Hot and healthy.

Check out the fried cheese!

3. Stuffed peppers – I mixed some indian spices with kale, onions, carrots, paneer cheese and black-eyed peas. I stuff the peppers and let them become magic in the oven. Tasty bites.


4. Quiche – Looks elegant, tastes delicious, so easy to make. I used one pie crust from Trader Joe’s on the bottom on the dish. It was good! I mixed 6 eggs, 1 C. heavy cream, 1 C. 2% milk for awhile and then seasoned with salt/pepper. To the empty pie crust/pie plate, I added raw baby spinach, carmelized onions, handful shredded cheddar cheese. I poured the well whipped batter over the ingredients and set it in the oven: 15mins at 425F, then 25mins at 350.

Ate some, yep. So good!


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  1. Jackie Hartson Said:

    Jamie, you have brilliant mishaps too?
    Who would have thunk??

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