A family favorite, Fresh pasta with smoked salmon and kale

I feel like I’ve been invited into countrywoodsmoke’s kitchen this week. Marcus suggested I try a favorite recipe of his family’s which utilizes the smoked salmon I made earlier this week. This is a slightly modified version of his recipe:

-Fresh pasta (approx 1C flour, 2 eggs, 2 egg yolks, little salt)
-Sauce: creme fraiche (I used equal parts whipping cream and sour cream), garlic, ground pepper, kale, smoked salmon, lemon zest

The end result was rich but not too heavy. The acidic zing of the lemon zest lightened the dish. I made the mistake of carving what I thought was only the zest off and chopping it up, leaving too much of the white bitter skin in the pieces. Note for future, only shred outside layer off lemon! I would definitely make this dish again. It was simple, fresh, and flavorful.

Fresh pasta...not so difficult!

Final product, very tasty. 🙂


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  1. Hi Jamie,
    I’d missed your lovely pasta dish, this looks fab, love it with the kale and that you’d made your own pasta, i’m planning on doing some homemade pasta posts soon too.
    I use a very fine grater for my lemon zest, and use unwaxed lemons, it just really lifts the dish as you say lightening the effect of the cream. I made this again for my family a couple of days ago and it was demolished!
    And you’re always welcome in my kitchen 🙂

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