Comfort food, chicken pot pie

Calories aside, there are no drawbacks to comfort food, including chicken pot pie. I had a Trader Joe’s pie crust in the fridge which I thawed and a chicken that I roasted the night before and cut into pieces for the next day. I also made chicken stock overnight that I used in the bechamel sauce. I used the ratios of milk, stock and flour from the recipe at this link:

I used a ‘kitchen sink’ spice mix that has everything from green herbs to toasted cumin to powdered garlic for the roasted chicken. I partially cooked the vegetables before adding them to the pie pot, boiled broccoli and potato and sauteed onions, carrots, celery, mushrooms in chicken fat that separated from the roasted chicken juices the previous night. The pot pie roasted in the oven for approx 30mins at 425F.

The texture of the filling was perfect, the pie crust became toasty brown and the roasted chicken had tons of flavor. Yum.

Country style crust 😉


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  1. Arv Said:

    This looks gorgeous!!

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